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Olivia (Liv) Moore is a student whose life has changed beyond recognition after one ordinary party. Now Liv is a zombie, with the appropriate appearance and habits. She used to be a healthy optimist, active and cheerful, but now she has pale skin, white hair and dark circles around her eyes. To support his life, Leo gets a job with Dr. Rabbi Chakraborty, where he has access to the brains of the dead by eating them. But along with such "food" the student gets the memory of those people, the memories of corpses. Dr. Chakraborty knows about the zombie essence of Liv, he will help detective Cline to investigate how all these people died, who their killers are…
Actors who played in the movie Rose McIver, , Malcolm Goodwin, , Rahul Kohli.You are watching the movie iZombie Season 1 to 5 produced in USA belongs.

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